Swingers, as we golf and socialise our way into 2020. We (The Committee) are looking to make your experience ever more enjoyable and want you to save the date 21-11-2020 for an end of season PRESENTATION, DINNER DANCE. 

We are of course gentlemen so we feel that getting beered up at the last game of the season and dishing out awards doesn’t give the winners or just us run of the mill Swingers the platform we deserve.

So on the evening of the 21st November at Dudsburys Bentleys restaurant the above will take place.

In order to help with this there are no fines for phone use on the golf course as we will need pictures and videos to make the event more enjoyable. 

More details as the year unfolds. For more info see, The Chief Snitch, The Voice (Vice Chairman) or Promo Stevo