After the last event was unfortunately curtailed by the great British weather, excitement was high on Swingers Saturday when we arrived at Isle of Purbeck without a cloud in the sky.

Conditions were expected to reap some high scores, however a mixture of a tougher course than expected and poor course conditions saw the lowest ever winning score at a Swingers event. Mick Ringer claimed his second win in a row at Purbeck, with a combined score of 3 over par, managing to sneak in ahead of Dan Pidgley, Darren Doe and Dave Small by a single point. He also left everyone guessing as his score wasn’t on gamebook!

The first nearest the pin of the day went to Neil Gilbert. Playing 145 yards protected by bunkers, Irons’ irons didn’t let him down. He walked away with the prestige of being the only person to win a nearest the pin as, for the second time in Swingers history, no one could hit the green on the 15th!

Longest drive looked like it was going to Alex Ashburner after a pretty hefty whack for a 28 handicapper. However, after leading the campaign to keep the longest drive competition in, Shane Taylor proved why he was so keen by bombing one down the middle to scoop the prize.

The 18th hole was the location for the nearest the pin in 2, more difficult than most stroke index 18’s playing 302 yards and a second shot onto an elevated green, Paul Clarke managed to get within 6 foot and put a glossy finish on an otherwise rough round.

The chief snitch was back in full swing and the biggest faux pax of the day went to Jackie Chan. After showering himself in glory by rescuing the wooden spoon from the last event, he then broke it. Nevertheless, handyman Jackie fixed the spoon, and made some improvements, thus making himself the hero once again. Only to forget to bring it to the event!
So with no spoon to receive, he had to settle for a training DVD, David Wallace had the always chastening honour of propping up the leader board with a career low 14 points!

Next event is 21st August at Crane Valley, we look forward to seeing you all there. Until then, Happy Swinging