With the country in the midst of the unprecedented corona virus pandemic, There has not been a lot to shout about for the swingers in recent months.

Today however, this changed in dramatic fashion with one of our very own committee members Jimmy Charman bringing joy to swingers far and near by achieving a feat few golfers have done in a lifetime.

After joining Dudsbury, along with a large number of swingers, Jimmy and ‘the voice’ Tiani booked one a twilight round to gain another score card to put towards their official handicap. After a tentative start from Jimmy, coming up short with a chip to end the hole with a bogey, Jimmy told himself to perk up stood on the tee of the 2nd. What unfolded next will go down in Dudsbury folklore.

From the white tees, playing around 125 yards with a gentle breeze from left to right Jimmy sized up the task in front of him. With two chaps looking for their ball on the 8th waving him through, an audience was suddenly upon him and jimmy took a deep breath as he addressed the ball with a pitching wedge in hand.

Almost in slow motion, the club was drawn back, and with a fluid motion the head of the club connected with the ball flush in the middle of the club. As he finished his follow through 8 eyes followed the path of the ball which was arrowing towards the flag at a rate of notts. ‘Be good, be good this is all over it’ said Jim as the ball zoomed closer to the flag and started its descent. Hitting the turf around 4 foot directly past the pin, Jimmy exhaled and asked the ball to get in the hole… and low and behold as if time stood still the ball trickled back and nestled on top of the corona induced polystyrene inside on the hole. Pandemonium ensued, with the two strangers applauding profusely and playing partner Tiani punching the air as if United had scored a 90th minute cup final winner and jimmy stared in disbelief as one of his golfing dreams had finally come true.

Within minutes fellow dudsbury members knew, then more swingers knew and people on the course were congratulating jimmy on a quite remarkable achievement.

So amongst the swathes of rubbish news one swinger has managed to bring a little bit more sunshine to the week. Congratulations Jimmy we salute you!