With the Swingers Society seeing record numbers of members in 2019, with nearly 70 members signing up for the new season, and numerous other societies coverage now rising with social media among other channels, we pose the question why is the participation in society golf rising so much?

Official statistics are hard to gather, because golf society registration isn’t regulated like memberships at golf clubs, but we have noticed a steady rise in players joining into monthly society golf as opposed to monthly club golf since the Swingers was founded in 2016.

Speaking to various members a big reason to this rise in popularity is the fact that you can play competitive golf in a slightly more relaxed environment, as opposed to some club comps where competition can become slightly more intense. Also, members have said the fact they get to play different courses on a monthly basis, and not the same course each week, is a big factor in their want to be part of a society.

Furthermore, owing to local relationships and social media, we have had matches against other societies and have more in the calendar for 2019 which gives another level of competitive golfing engagement. Additionally, it seems, players who may not be in the local club team are relishing the opportunity to don the society colours and represent their society in a team format. 

Added to the above, the The Swingers Society have an annual weekend away for the ‘Ryder cup’, which this year has 40 participants, and golf societies across the country often organise trips away, in the UK and abroad, which is something that a lot of golf clubs don’t offer.

Ryder Cup

Nevertheless, you couldn’t have society days if it wasn’t for golf clubs who accommodated them, but then there is a case for saying that there couldn’t be one without the other in both senses. A lot of clubs rely on the extra revenue that society golf brings and alternatively societies couldn’t be formed or succeed without courses to play. Hopefully society and club golf continue the upward trend of participation and the relationship between societies and golf clubs keeps growing, keeping the momentum of new and existing golfers getting out and enjoying the game. 

There are of course members who compete in society and club competitions, and golf clubs have seen a rise in members in 2018, which is great news for golf as a whole. It seems that after a number of years of turbulence the popularity of golf, whether it be society or club golf, is on the rise which can only be a good thing for the sport we love. 

In other news, Bryson DeChambeau claimed his first European tour title at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic. DeChambeau has now climbed up to 5th in the world rankings after this 7 shot victory and added a European tour title added to his 5 PGA tour wins, to continue his meteoric rise after turning professional in 2016. He is reaping the rewards of his scientific approach to golf, being the only player on tour to have every iron the same length, and it seems there will be many more victories to come for the enigmatic American.


Also, Justin Rose is looking to claim his 10th PGA tour title leading by three at the farmers insurance open from Adam Scott and fellow Ryder cup hero John Rahm heading into round 4. We will see if he can hold off the challenges and lift the trophy in next weeks post.

Thanks for reading and be sure to tune in next week…