The 2019/20 Winter Pairs has now reached the semi-final stage and unbelievably within the scheduled timeframe! Thanks to all participants for making sure that matches were played on time!

Our first semi finalists are Tank and Ryan Thorpe. In round 1 they had the arduous task of overcoming Big Moz and Ben Richards. With Big Moz one of the favourites for the 2020 Swingers title and Ben Richards being Iford Driving Range’s most loyal customer, the task was difficult. However some great golf was played and they emerged victorious by a score of 3&2. In round 2 they played Stevo and Paul Whittaker. This game was always going to be about who could play better golf with a hangover, and we know in this scenario any team involving tank will be hard to beat! And so it turned out, Tank and Thorpe emerging victorious by 3&1. 

Our second semi-finalists are Meggs and Neil. Anyone who saw the teams when the draw came out would have had their eyes on these 2 as potential winners. First up was Hodor and Sam Cooke. With Hodor and Sam emerging as two of USA’s rookie heroes in the 2019 Ryder Cup, it was always going to be tough to take them both on in a matchplay scenario. However, Neil and Meggs played some great golf and emerged victorious by an emphatic score of 5&4. In round 2 they played the Chief Snitch and Dave Collard. Despite the threat of a HUGE fine from the chief snitch, they run out victorious by 3&2. 

Our third semi-finalists are Adrian Faulkner and Darren Doe. Nicknamed the ‘Incredible Faulk’ and ‘Bobby Dazzler’ these were another pair starting out favourites and they have yet to dissapoint. First up in round 1 they emerged victorious over “Silverback’ Lee Chard and ‘It’s our year lad’ Nick Holmes. In round 2 they took on Jimmy Charman and Dave Wallace. Despite a close and hard fought first 11 holes, the Incredible Faulk and Bobby Dazzler turned on the style for the remaining 7 holes and won the match 2&1. 

Our fourth semi-finalists are Shane Taylor and Luke Tiani. First up in Round 1 was Trevor Davies and Luke Reynolds. Not a bad paring to draw considering you have a 95% chance of a bye in to the next round! Trev and Luke fought hard until the end but as usual were unable to decide between themselves when they could attend a match! Better luck next year lads! In Round 2 they played the formidable father/son combo of Fred and Alan Benham. After receiving a bye in Round 1 anyone could have forgiven them for a lack of match fitness, however they emerged victorious by 4&3.


Tank and Ryan Thorpe vs Adrian Faulkner and Darren Doe

Meggs and Neil Gilbert vs Shane and Tiani

Good luck Chaps!!